Documents and persons

Assegno Circolare

Cashier's check

Codice Fiscale

Tax code which is necessary when buying a property in Italy. This code can be obtained at the local tax office. It is also possible for a third person to get it for you with a simple power of attorney and a copy of your passport.


Cadastre (public register)

Caparra Confirmatoria

Security deposit (art. 1385 c.c.). The preliminary contract is not valid until a security deposit has been made. The amount is between 10-30% of the agreed buying price.

Preliminare di compravendita / Compromesso

Preliminary contract where you agree on e.g. price and transaction date.






Surveyor, who is also responsible for smaller building projects if you want to modificate your house.



Property tax which is payable once or twice a year. It is calculated on the base of the cadastral value, typically between 0,04 and 0,07%


Imposta di Registro

Registration tax which is payed by the buyer, is between 3-15%


Imposta ipotecario

Mortgage tax, is 2% or 168€


Imposta Catastale

Land Registry tax, is 1% of 168€





Permesso di Soggiorno

Permission to stay which is necessary when staying in Italy for more than 3 months (as a European citizen)


(Certificato di) Residenza

Residence certificate is being made if you choose to stay more permanently in Italy. If you decide to move to Italy within 18 months after buying your home, you can benefit of the lower taxes as a first home buyer.

Procura speciale

Power of attorney which is made for a third person in case you are unable to attend the signing of the deed. Such a power of attorney is signed in front of a notary either in Italy or in your own home country.


Rogito/Atto Notarile

Deed. Takes place at the notary office where you will sign the deed, pay the agreed price by means of a cashier's check and get the full ownership over the property.



Garbage tax


Valore Catastale

Cadastral value