Buying a house in Abruzzo

For a long time Abruzzo was considered Italy's best kept secret, but during the last decades that has changed. 

One third of Abruzzo is hilly landscapes facing the Adriatic coast. Here the population density is the highest which also means that the prices in general are a bit higher than the rest of the region.

The last two thirds of Abruzzo consists of mountain areas with beautiful valleys and stunning mountains. The mountains which in the highest parts offer the possibilty for alpine and nordic skiing during the winter.


Pros and cons for Abruzzo

  • The variation of scenery
    • Mountains, hills and beaches
    • Skiing, hiking and biking
  • International airport in Pescara. And Rome airports are not too far away
  • Prices ranging from very low to medium high
  • Mass tourism is not a problem



  • There aren't really any if you can get used to explaining where in Italy you have bought your house