Anja Bæk Christophersen

Italian Real Estate Agent

DK-Tel: +45 71 10 92 56

IT-Tel: + 39 340 300 9256


Languages: 🇩🇪  🇬🇧  🇮🇹  🇩🇰  🇫🇷

Kasper Karlsson

Sales, valuation and coordination

DK-Tel: +45 26 36 97 30

IT-Tel: + 39 347 588 4575


Languages: 🇬🇧  🇮🇹  🇩🇰  

Giovanni De Benedittis


IT-Tel: + 39 329 983 6016


Languages: 🇬🇧  🇮🇹  

Properties in all Italy is a Danish owned Italian real estate agency that operates mainly in the central region of Italy. Through our extensive network we can offer properties all over Italy.

Real Estate Translators

We have been operating in the Italian real estate market since 2005 and worked together with many different nationalities. We don't just consider ourselves ordinary real estate agents but dream translators. We know that we are often helping a dream come to life. We make our best effort to translate your dream to match the possibilities of the market and the budget you have set.


Our background

Casa-Italia has since the beginning been operated by Anja and Kasper. Anja is licensed Italian real estate agent or mediator from the Chamber of Commerce in L’Aquila.

Kasper works with sales, valuation and coordination with business partners.

Anja was associated with a Danish real estate chain from 2012 – 2014.

Kasper has been working as a shop location coordinator in the northern part of Italy.

We have good cooperation with agents in other parts of Italy and we can help you with any aspect of buying a house in Italy.