Buying a house in Luguria

Why buy a house in Liguria?

Liguria is beautiful and has it all. Here are beautiful green mountains that extend all the way down to the Italian Riviera coast. Here you are always close to the water. France is only a small (but fantastically beautiful) drive away. Piedmont and Tuscany are also not far away wherever you are in Liguria.

The climate in Liguria is beautiful, the short distance to the Mediterranean gives short warm winters. Spring comes early and summer is long.

The local cuisine is fantastic, but it's something Liguria has to share with just about every other region of Italy. You can eat really well in Liguria because here both good and really good restaurants are close.


Prices in Ligurien:

It is not cheap in Liguria. In the coastal area, square meter prices are high. There are many both in Italy and from other countries that would like to live on the Riviera. There is a small seaweed in the eastern part of Liguria. Here you will find the towns of Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure, which are some of the most expensive areas in Italy. Portofino currently has an average square meter price of approx. 12,000 €. If you want to buy close to the water the prices are high but if you want a little more square meters for the money, you have to move inland to some of the many small towns in the mountains, where prices are far more affordable, but accessibility a little limited. Read more in the section on traffic.


The cities

The main city is Genoa, which is an amazingly beautiful and historic metropolis, both beautiful, chaotic and full of experiences of both cultural and commercial character. San Remo is an iconic Italian city where "San Remo" is held is a week's tune grand prix. Beautiful city down to the Mediterranean.


Traffic and infrastructure

The Italian motorway network is well developed in Liguria. However, the Ligurian geography has complicated the infrastrucure. In Liguria, you have to get used to the many tunnels and the many hairpin turns, even on the major roads. It is beautiful driving here but forget using the cruise control. Driving in Liguria requires one thing - tunnel sunglasses. The sharp contrast between the strong sunlight and the many tunnels makes sunglasses with strong toning at the top of the glass and faint toning down to a must-have. Here it is also best to measure distances in driving time. Neither bird's-eye line nor actual kilometers tell the full truth about how long it takes to get from A to B.

There is an international airport in Genoa. Pisa and Cuneo in Tuscany and Piedmont are not far away and so is Nice airport.