Mortgages in Italy

When buying a property in Italy there are several ways of financing. In each case it will be considered if you are buying with residency abroad or in Italy. Also the current status of the property will be taken into consideration of the Italian bank.

In rare cases it is not possible to find an Italian bank that will provide a mortgage but we will assist you in finding some banks that are known to provide mortgages for foreigners.

Our service is spread out of the entire country of Italy and we will always suggest that the financing is made at a local bank. 

Financing for foreigners without residency in Italy will normally mean a smaller part of the price that can be borrowed. There are no fixed rules but around 50-60% of the total can covered by the Italian bank.

Small loans are not possible either as the bank will need a certain amount to make it profitable. So usually the minimum limit is around 50.000 €. Mortgages smaller than that are to our knowledge very rare.