Buying a house in Italy

Buying a house in Italy is different than what you have experienced in your home country. See an example of how a typical process is.

Picking your properties of interest

Through our web page you find one or more properties which you find interesting

We will arrange a viewing tour where you can see the area and the villages and the properties in which you are interested.


Viewing tour

During the viewing tour you find the house of your dreams.

If you do not have the qualifications to make a judgement of the state of the property we will find a geometra in which we have full confidence and who can make the survey report.

We will help you get a tax code (codice fiscale) which is needed when buying a house.

We will help you open a bank account to which you can transfer the money needed to buy the house.


After the viewing tour

In some cases you need to return to Abruzzo a second time - this can either be make yourself certain that it is the house of your dreams or to have made promise to buy (preliminare di compravendita or compromesso). In a contract like this will be the conditions regarding the take over. A deposit (caparra confirmatorio) on 10 to 30% is paid.

All documents for the property is brought to the notary where the property is checked for debt, ownership etc. We make sure all documents are found and brought to the notary and that it is the right documents.

When all details have been solved a date for the final deed will be arranged.


The final deed

Meeting at the notary where buyer and seller sign the documents, the amount is paid and key and ownership are passed on.

Taxes are paid to the notary.

3-4 weeks after signing, a copy of the final deed can be picked up at the notary's office.