Our concept - buyer's agent

Until 2019 we operated as normal Italian real estate agents offering some extra services to the buyer. We commissioned houses, primarily in Abruzzo, and sold them to Italian and foreign clients.

Our ambition was always to expand our service to the most popular areas in Italy, and in 2019 we started redefining our role as agents.

Instead of being both seller's and buyer's agent, as it custom here in Italy, we are now focussing on the buyers. Since we started, the role as buyer's agent has usually also been quite natural, as the buyer requires more counseling since they are in unfamiliar settings and typically buy in Italy for the first time.

Good service and intercultural understanding
The core product we need to offer is the right properties and a trustworthy service to eliminate all uncertainties the buyer may experience.

Intercultural understanding is the key and over the years we have gained useful experience when assisting buyers from all over the world buying, renovating and setting up a life in Italy. We know that it is not enough to translate the language we also need to have a basic understanding of life and culture in the countries where the buyers come from to assist them in the best possible way and translate their dreams into a new Italian dream. 



All over Italy
We are constantly expanding our partner network, and we are interested in expanding to the areas you are searching for. So even if we do not have properties in the area you dream of, we would love to hear from you. Then we will look for realtors in that area and see if they have a property profile that fits our concept of holiday homes.

It does not cost more
Usually, an Italian broker takes between 3 and 5% in fees from both buyer and seller. If you contact us and let us be your agent you will not pay more than 3% * in commission. So in many cases you will even be able to save money on the brokerage fee by choosing Casa Italia.