Tuscany... for many people it stands as the ultimate dream of a house in Italy. And Tuscany do have it all. Beautiful historic cities, and amazing culture and history, food & wine and a climate with short winters and long hot summers.

Real estate in Florence

Firenze is the biggest and most famous city of Tuscany. With popularity comes also high and stable real estate prices, which are in the high end also compared to Italian levels. As an international tourist magnet the potential renting level is high and it is expected to be so for many years.

So if you are okay with Florence always being flooded with tourist then it is the most amazing city. And even if you just get a little away from the city centre the are good chances to experience the real authentic Italy. And besides there is a tendency in that around 17-18 the tourist leave for their hotels and the locals take back the city.

Real estate in Lucca, Pisa and Livorno

These 3 fantastic cities all lies within close distance of the Mediterainian sea.

Buying a house in this area makes the sandy beaches closer.

The area is quite big and it is possible both to find good deals and extreme luxury.