Buying a house in Piemonte

Piedmont is one of the most popular areas in Italy. This is due to a mix of several factors, including the geography and the fact that it is within reasonable driving distance of several Western European countries and that there are several major airports in the area that make access to it easy.


The climate in Piedmont is mild and if you want to live somewhere where you can feel the difference between the seasons it is possible here. Winters can be cold, but relatively short and so in the higher altitudes there are good opportunities to experience something as rare as snow. Spring starts early, the summers are warm and dry and autumn is warm and lasts a little longer than north of the Alps.


The fact that the area is known for some fantastic wines does not distinguish Piedmont very much from so many other areas of Italy, but the fact that great wines such as Barbera, Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Asti Spumante are so close have at definately not hurt Piedmont's reputation.


The local cuisine is great, but it's something Piedmont has to share with just about every other region of Italy. You can eat really good in Piedmont because here both good and really good restaurants everywhere.


Prices in Piedmont:

Compared to some of the closest regions such as Liguria, Valle d'Aosta, Lombardy and Tuscany, Piedmont is slightly cheaper. A little cheaper is overall because there are expensive areas in Piedmont. Turin, Novara and Verbania (Lake Como) regions are pushing up prices in Piedmont. And then there are also small villages far away from workplaces and big city life where you can get properties with low square meter prices.


Popular house types

After all, the dream of Italy is often a detached house on a hilltop overlooking soft hills. There are quite a few of these properties, so with a fairly large supply, prices have not been cut in comparison with, for example, Tuscany.


The cities

The main city is Turin which is a lovely metropolis which is beautiful, chaotic and full of experiences of both cultural and commercial nature. Then there are the smaller cities like Asti, Alessandria, Novara, Biella, Cuneo and Vercelli which are all beautiful cities too.



The Italian motorway networks are well developed in Piedmont. If you come across the French border and up into the mountainous areas, there is a little further between the major roads, but in general the land traffic is working well according to Italian conditions.


There are two international airports in Piedmont. Turin and Cuneo. But if you look east, Milan is just up the Piedmont, and with two airports has a wealth of foreign flights.